A New Direction

Hello there.

I finally decided on what to do with this blog page that has been dormant all so many years.

Recently, as some of you may or may not know, I’ve been into the Irish/British designer Orla Kiely. This clothing and lifestyle brand license their signature retro prints to many companies and does a mainline of clothes and bags in their own boutiques. However, outside of her licensed stuff to Target and one tiny, tiny store in NYC, the majority of her stuff is not avail in the US. And there are TONS of stuff if you look around the world on social media.

I hunt around for news and Orla Kiely print porn in general and I generally find that *I* often come across it before anyone else does. I used to post it on Facebook but oh! the dramah! So, I will be posting all of it in my own space here from now on.

Anyone who used to follow this blog and still do for whatever reason and dont want to be inundated by OK news, please unfollow this blog and we’ll meet up on other sites about my other interests, okay? You’ve been warned! 😉





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