SS17 Stem Bags – Part 1

Orla Kiely USA just updated showing some of the new SS17 Stem line. This is a surprise as I was told that the website would update after St.Valentine’s Day when a lot of the sales will be over but yay for getting started on SS17. FINALLY!

I know pretty much all the Stem bags that will be offered in SS17, Pre-Fall, and AW17 so instead of going on about what is on there right now since I know y’all can read, I will point out some of the stuff that is not showing up yet.

Take, for instance, the “Embossed Flower Leather.” This season, it will come in two colorways: Orange and Indigo. The Indigo is showing up a bit lighter than it is in real life. In person, it looks almost black which makes sense since previous items in Indigo were all near-black.

I knew that OK will introduce the Embossed Flower Leather in the popular Zip Messenger style and was looking forward to it. (I was NOT expecting the $310 price tag however.) And what is NOT showing is that the Embossed Flower Leather is also available in the Mini Box Bag. Price is around US $220 for the box bag. Let’s hope that this is just arriving late and will be on offer to the USA.


Part 2 will cover important info on the Love Birds print and possibly what is coming up in the Giant Linear Stem. Will be posted tomorrow or this weekend.


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