Orla Kiely NYC Store


I still remember it like it was yesterday. One May day in 2016, I was shopping in Soho as I often do and I stopped by the old OK store on Mercer Street. Almost the first thing I saw was a bunch of really old ETC bags on the floor. Like 2012 old. The manager had just brought them up from the basement. They were moving to the old Coach store in the West Village, I was told. They had to be out of there in a week. If I hadnt been there in the right place at the right time, I wouldnt have known about it.

The new store is in an very old part of the city. It’s the West Village, not Greenwich Village. That section of the city was old farm roads originally and are not in square grids like the majority of NYC. If you are visiting, I strongly suggest that you use Google Maps to find it or you will be lost.

The new store was suppose to open in September at the latest but there was a lot of delay. For the Grand Opening, OK made canvas tote bags and T-shirts with a special NY logo. They still have stock if you are interested. They are $25 each.



The granite tile flooring are specially made for OK. I was told that they will not be for sale to the public.






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