SS17 – Applique Face

Orla Kiely Lola Bag

Orla Kiely Lola Bag

There are only four items in this line: Lola bag, Lolita bag, Coin Purse, and Keyring.

When I first heard the prices, I knew from past history that they must be vinyl, despite the OK SA was assuring me it was all leather. I looked at the tag inside the Lola bag and it said “100% Vinyl”.

I bought the coin purse two weeks ago and after living with it for a while, I am pretty sure that the only leather parts is the brown textured leather used for trim. It is used for the bottom of the Lola bag. According to the OK website, the black glasses are also leather but it doesnt look like it to me.


I tried the keyring on my bag and it didnt quite look right. It is not as domed on the top as the rest of the line which you can see in my pic.



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