Pre-Fall17: Stem/Etc Bags

April is here. Nothing much to look forward to OK-wise as far as I know for this month. Yes, the Resort collex should go on sale at the end of this month but considering that this Resort collex may be my least favorite of the last five years . . . meh.

May, however, is another story. Pre-fall should arrive in the middle of the month and it’s lovely. You can see large photos of the Mainline Lookbook on Vogue here:

There is little info on Pre-fall Stem line but luckily, I was able to snap a few spy pix.

First of all, the Embossed Flower Leather will be coming in Mustard! This will – of course – be a different yellow than the Daffodil color from AW16. I know that mustard is one of OK’s favorite colours and it is also the favorite of many of her fans so I expect a craze for these when these bags arrive. (If you prefer the Mainline, there will also be mainline mustard bags with the gold hardware.)

The cotton canvas will be in this shiny finish. The pattern is called Wild Daisy. I am so glad that OK is getting away from the “Striped Tulip/Rosebud” look that had dominated the Stem line last year. Response so far has been very positive to this pattern.


The unlined nylon bags will be in this variation of the Wild Daisy pattern. Sorry for the blurry pix.


As for the Foldaway Travel Bag, I posted the pattern it will come in here:



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