AW17: OK Mainline Bags

I don’t know about you but I am already looking forward to AW17. So much purple and lavender! My favorite colors. The bag above is a Jeanie in a new punched pattern (Tall Flower). I thought it was an Ella at first because it looked so big in person. Notice the new style of handles? I think it’s a downgrade. It will also come in a Mustard colorway which you can see in the couch pic. It should also come in Black.

Still, I love purple! I have a Punched Poppy in the Plum colorway from AW13. It might be the same color for all I know.

As you can see on the couch, the Passion Flower Textured Vinyl is back in this new lavender colorway. Again, notice the new style handles on that Jeanie. The yellow SLG on this Jeanie does NOT come with it; it’s sold separately.

Orla Kiely Card Holder

These Card Holders will come in FOUR new colorways for this season. Another reason I held off buying them this spring. I will be getting the lavender cw when they come out but all 4 were g-g-g-gorgeous!

There will be three new keyrings/bagcharms for this season. The one I am looking forward to the most is this giant four petal flower that looks like this hanging purse in the pic above. I think this is better than the Giant Flower Keyring offered this spring because it’s 1) bolder and bigger and 2) the four petal flower is more iconically OK than the 6 petal Giant Flower in the spring line.

The other 2 keyrings were some heavy metal dice that looked similiar to the dice on the OK Charm Bracelet and a very stylized Bird to match some canvas bags from the Stem Line. Sorry, no other animal keyrings.

I will talk about the AW17 Stem Bags in a separate post. Are you excited yet?


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