AW17: Punched Tall Flower Stem

The Punched line is now in the Tall Flower Stem pattern instead of the Sixties Stem OK has been using for several yrs now. (Sixties Stem is not totally gone. It will make a HUGE comeback in the Stem Line in 2018.)

The store only had it in the Abby. It was the Jeanie and the Jeanette that was shown in the AW Lookbook. It will come in the following colorways: Mustard, Plum, and Black. I have a Plum Poppy from 2013 so I compared it to this year’s Plum. Mine was lighter as you can see in the last pic.  

ok 2017awtall663

BTW, if you like my Poppy (which I only use as a cosmetic bag), the Punched Tall Flower will be avail in the Poppy model.

ok 2017awtall887ok 2017awtall73ok 2017awtall00ok 2017awtall88644


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