Monthly Update

I have some news to pass along.

Firstly, if you missed the Hautelook event last week on Orla Kiely Prefall, you can get whatever is left over on Hautelook’s sister site – Nordstrom Rack.

Remember, OK-USA won’t discount the Prefall collex until NOVEMBER (two months away) so this will probably be your best opportunity until then to get what you want from Prefall.

Second, if you are on the OK emailing list, then you got an email last Fri saying that the AW Collex is coming. Then Monday arrived and both the US and UK version of the website still were showing no new stuff. Womp, womp.

My sources are saying that the OK website WILL be updated THIS WEEK. I expect it to happen this Fri or the weekend. Of course, I am talking about the USA version. No guarantees about the UK version.

After the OK website updates, I won’t be bothering to discuss AW17 anymore. Onto 2018! I have some pix of Resort Collex but am waiting to see if I can get more. I do have A LOT of SS18 but I won’t post those until later in the year.



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