Transition into Pre-fall 2017


A lot of happenings on the OK-USA website and boutique.

The Pre-fall collection is slowly being displayed in the store. It is scheduled to be live on the website this Memorial Day Weekend. The images are up on the website but hidden right now.

And we’re a bit later than the UK but the Resort collection is now 60% off on the website. You will probably get an email tomorrow or Friday but luckily, you can read about it on this blog first.

Orla Kiely AW17 – Stem Bags

Today I will be talking about the Fall Stem Bags. For the PRE-Fall Stem Bags, check last month’s post. I didn’t see the whole range so this will be just some of what is coming up.

The Giant Linear Stem pattern will come in a dark purple colorway. It’s so dark that it looks similiar to the Licorice (black) colorway as you can see in the picture above. The bag next to it is in the Sycamore Seed pattern. There will be clothing in this pattern too, of course.

The shiny canvas will see the return of the classic Big Spot Shadow Flower pattern. The big spot is a light lavender, not white.

The big news in the leather Embossed Flower stem bags is that they will now be available in rucksack/knapsack form. The colorways it will come in are these three: black, brown, or metallic gold.

I also some canvas totes with a big stylized bird on it. There is a bird bagcharm to match with it. Sorry, no photo available.