AW17: Stem Lookbook

My thoughts looking at the Stem Lookbook . . .

Firstly, they show none of a new pattern called “Buttercup“. See below. I know that it looks similar to the Wild Daisy pattern but take a closer look at the bud part.

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Monthly Update

Hello Stemheads!

How has your summer been? I don’t really care for summer. It’s always so sticky where I live. And nothing much happens in the Orla Kiely Universe anyway.

I guess the big news that happened this past month was the announcement of the first ever OK exhibition in London. In 2018.

Here is the WWD writeup:

And here is the Vogue writeup:

And a week ago, OK posted on Instagram that they were shooting their Spring 2018 Lookbook that day. As far as I know, the pic above is the only shot they have published so far from it. These straw/raffia bags are the only line of bags shown in the entire Lookbook. I was able to take a look at the whole Lookbook confidentially this week so I know this. The Spring collection is inspired by the 1940s and most of the models are sporting retro large roller twisted hairdos in it. The color story was mostly full of teal, brown, and rust, which I didn’t feel was very spring-like to be frank. Right now, I am feeling a bit underwhelmed about the collex, after already feeling underwhelmed about the Resort 2018 collex.

Perhaps I will feel differently once I see the Stem Lookbook for Spring. If I can get a scoop on pix, I will post them here, of course. [9/5/17: I was able to get pix of the Stem Lookbook. I will post them at the end of the year closer to release date. Get excited.]

But for now, this will be your monthly update from me. I was hoping that the Autumn/Winter 2018 Collex will be arriving in stores at the end of this month but I was told Sept instead.

Later, Stemheads!


Orla Kiely Clocks and Other News

At the end of this month, the UK is suppose to finally launch the new range of wall and alarm clocks that has been promised for a couple of years now. Yet another way to stemify your home. I discussed the clocks with OK-USA management and as far as they know, they are not expecting them this side of the Atlantic. Sad face. I hope this is not true but I guess there is always if worse come to worst.

I didn’t have internet this weekend and missed when the old stock I mentioned that I saw last week in the NYC store were put online. It looks like most of the stuff have already sold out but I was able to get a wallet to replace my old one. I noticed that when an item is down to “Limited Stock”, that means that there is only 1-3 left.

One thing that is no longer on the USA website but that the NYC store still has 1 or 2 of  are the animal keyrings. They are currently $37 but if you still haven’t gotten one yet, this is probably going to be your last chance to phone order. Don’t forget to mention that lindaseton sent ya if you do 😉