Orla Kiely NYC Store

The NYC store is having a special in-store sale.

50% off on AW17 handbags.

60% off of AW17 RTW.

You will have to call the store to get the discount. Free shipping.

And if you have been looking at the OK-UK website, you will notice that they carry these vinyl pouches which the USA does not have. The NYC store just got in a shipment of them but have not put them out yet. Hopefully, it will appear on the website in 2 weeks or so.


Orla Kiely Jewelry – 25% Off

OK Charm and Watches are 25% off this weekend only on the OK-USA website. Discounts have already been applied.

Coincidentally, I have already ordered something from the OK Charm line this week. From Europe. So this sale is not for me. Looks like the USA won’t be getting the Spring 2017 or Autumn 2017 collection. I had been waiting because I wanted to see the pieces in person but it’s not to be.

If you want to see the Spring Lookbook: https://issuu.com/gecko_marketing/docs/ok3catalogue

The Autumn Lookbook is here: https://issuu.com/gecko_marketing/docs/xxxxx_ok4_orla_keily_uk_catalogue

Article on the AW17 collex: http://www.professionaljeweller.com/new-range-orla-kiely-channels-flower-power/

The USA has not gotten any new pieces since last year. I highly recommend that you order from Europe. Conversion makes it cheaper too. As much as 40% off.

Later, Stemheads!