SS18: Orla Kiely Mainline

Here are the mainline bags and accessories for SS18.

The Vinyl Flower Wave will come in two new colorways,

I think my favorites are the Applique Flower wallets (would match my card holder which I love) and the Grommit Abacus shoulder straps, which are inspired.

I go back and forth on whether I like the new embossed floral design. I certainly don’t love it in the Jeanette.

As for the Stem/Etc bags, I will do them in the next post.


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SS18: Do you LOVE Orla Kiely?

Happy New Year to all the Stemheads reading this blog!

The SS18 collex should be dropping in a few weeks so I guess I should get to previewing it, no? I have so many photos that I have been sitting on for thi month that I am going to have to space this over several posts.

Today, I will be showing the LOVE line. The two grainy outfits are from the Stem Lookbook so it is part of the Stem/Etc line. Continue reading