Orla Kiely Resort 2018 Stem

These are the two patterns in the laminated cotton. I didn’t see any new shapes for this season.

ok 2018re81

ok 2018re79

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October Update

Greeting Stemheads!

Nothing much happening for me in October, OK-wise, so this will probably be one of two posts this month.

In November, the Resort 2018 Collection should start to trickle in. Just like the last two Resorts, this will be a L’Orla collaboration. The L’Orla frilly aesthetic is not for me but I’ll be sure to post what I could find of the collection before it drops in stores.

I have also seen some of Spring 2018 being posted on social media which frees me to post what I have soon. After my Resort collex post probably.

Later, Stemheads!